Labatt Brewing Co.


Process and Packaging Upgrades


Process Engineering
Utility Design
Packaging Design
Electrical & Controls


Montréal, Québec



Contruction Cost

$55 million

Project Partners

Frare & Gallant Construction
Thomas O’Connell
C. Frappier Electrique

Process and Packaging Upgrades
Drive Efficiency, Sustainability

To keep up with growing demand, Labatt Breweries of Canada wanted to upgrade production capacity and improve sustainability in its Montreal facility. The solution developed across three phases.

Phase 1 (2016-2017): Our team led equipment selection and integration for a new can line capable of producing 2,000 cans per minute.

Phase 2 (2018-2019): We led process engineering to add flavor injection and expand capability to produce new products.

Phase 3 (2020-2021): Production lines expanded to include Corona and Stella Artois brands. A new packaging system was installed on an expedited schedule of eight months, despite a global pandemic. The first of its kind in North America, the system largely replaced the use of plastic with recycled fiber paperboard. This sustainable solution reduced Labatt’s overall single-use plastic weight by nearly 335,000 pounds (152,000 kg), which is the approximate equivalent of 117 mid-sized cars.